Mandate in case of incapacityWhy do you need a mandate in case of incapacity?

 Because is the best form of protection for your person and property in case that an incapacity occurs. A power of attorney does not protect you from the moment you become incapacitated. From this point of view, it is very important not to leave everything to hazzard and to choose only the  people you trust to  take care of yourself and your property during the period of incapacity.

    The mandate in case of incapacity becomes effective after approval by the court. It is a procedure which also ensures your protection because the court's decision to approve or not the mandate will be based on your situation, the type of incapacity and the duration, on the basis of medical reports and psycho-social capacities .

    I will make a draft of your mandate in case of incapacity to suit your needs and your specifications.   I explain the terms and I will show you all the legal consequences of your choices.

    The mandate will be registered by the notary in the Register of Wills and Mandates of the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Quebec Bar.

    Use caution and consult a notary to draft your mandate in case of incapacity and you will thus ensure that the person you choose will make decisions about you and your property at this time!



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