buy house notary notaire Me Mancas   You are about to buy a property? Congratulations!

    This is a very important decision in your life so cautions should be taken.

    Want to know the exact nature of the documents you will sign and make sure you have complete answers to all your questions?

   I will accompany you throughout the purchase process with explanations for each step and specific advices for your situation.

  I check the title deeds in order to ensure that the transmission of the title is free and clear of all charges. I also verify the certificate of location prepared by the surveyor, the certificate must reflect the current situation of the property and must not be older than 10 years. 

     The notary is responsible for the security of real estate transactions and must always ensure the complete protection of all parties.

    You'll be safe with a competent notary who will guide you through every stage of your purchase.

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