Here are several benefits of choosing Notary Maria Cristina Mancas as your wedding officiant:

     - Affordable fee,
     - The celebration of marriage at the place of your choice,
     - Advice regarding the legal consequences of the civil marriage,
     - You can write your own vows.

Civil Marriage

For the first meeting with the notary, you must bring the following documents in original:

   1. birth certificates with mention of parents;
   2. unexpired official identification with photo and signature;
   3. proof of address (driver's license, bills, bank statement, etc.);
   4. an adult who knows the two prospective spouses to sign the act of publication;
       If applicable:
   5. Divorce certificate (or divorce judgment);
   6. Death certificate: the original death certificate of previous spouse;

Documents in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by an official translation, in other words, a translation made by a member of the Association of Translators, and Interpreters agrees du Quebec, accompanied by a statement certifying the accuracy sworn by this professional.

To make an apointment, please call (514) 224-2878 or send an email