Notary will Notaire Mancas    You intend to do your will soon?

   It means that you are responsible and prudent.

   In absence of a will, it will be the Civil Code of Québec that will determine your heirs.

   In case that you have an holograph will or a will before witness, you should know that these forms of wills, even perfectly legal and valid in Québec, must be verified by the court after the death, in order to have full power.The verification procedure involves legal fees and it's time consuming, which, in most cases, delays the start of the liquidation of your succession.

      That's why you should choose a notarial will, which does not need any verification after death and it's registered right after the signature at the Registre de Dispositions Testamentaires et des Mandats de Chambre des Notaires du Québec and the Registry of the Barreau du Québec.

     The will written by a notary contains precise wording and non-ambiguous clauses.

     I know to ask you the right questions to better determine your needs,  and also follow your wishes.

     I will explain, among other things, the scope of the appointment of the legatees, as universal or particular title, the duties of a liquidator and the need to appoint substitutes. All your wishes will be included in legal terms and accompanied by a full explanation.

     Remember that a will that is written in a professional manner ensures transferability of your belongings safely in accordance with your wishes!

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